But Why?

Asking why is encouraged at the Wuehler House. (As a father of three, it can be hard as a parent sometimes...but I digress.) So. Why publish when the entry doors to the house have opened and other useless data? Ummm, why not? No reason. Just because.

Ok. Here's what's going on. The house original came with a wired security alarm system. Figuring I could build my own, I set to work. There is wiring for a number of different things all over the house and over time (when I get a spare moment here and there) I've been replacing them with my own creations. Initially, I replaced the main security board with a Raspberry Pi and started publishing door events, along with motion detection and current temperature events to twitter (which started to reveal a little too much context for comfort, so I stopped. Sorta.) I've been adding cameras and other sensors (most of which not for public consumption as of yet) over time, recently I discovered the joy that is Google App Engine and Go. I pulled the data from the various sqlite databases I kept for local data on the Pi (I guess that should be plural - Pis? Pies?), uploaded it to App Engine, and now you've got Wuehler House 2.0!

I will continue add whatever piques my curiosity at the time. For all intents and purposes, this is just a playground. I make no guarantees on uptime, functionality or accuracy of data. For all you know I could be just making this all up. (But I'm not.)